Who we are…

A Non-profit organization

Defend The Heroes was founded by law enforcement officers—who cannot stand by as liberty, law and order, and civility are trounced upon.

These dedicated officers, both active and retired, donate countless hours of their time to help other law enforcement officers and agencies when they need it most. 

 officers helping other officers

Defend the Heroes is a growing network of volunteers, academics, lawyers, professionals, police officers and their families who are committed to defending law enforcement from absurd demands, lies, and defamation.

And while you may not see pictures of us here, you’ve likely seen our work and the officers we help in national and international news.

As you can imagine, with all of the rioting against police—and standing up to corporate media companies, and say-anything politicians—the founders and executives of Defend The Heroes are not advertised. This is unfortunately necessary to protect their privacy, their personal safety, and the safety of their families.