We stand for liberty and civility.
We stand against censorship and “cancel culture.”

We help defend law enforcement professionals and agencies from defamation, and the demands of so-called social “justice.”


Facts matter. That’s why we publish research others want to “cancel,” conceal, and censor about crime, law enforcement, and “social justice.”

We conduct thorough, scholarly research and analytics to reveal facts and truth—to stop misinformation and chaos.

Promoting media literacy and understanding of law enforcement policies and practices is a core part of our mission.

We also support and publish the Journal of Crime and Society. The first issue is scheduled for January, 2021.

(Counter) communication

Truth matters. And it takes more than just a press release and typical crisis communication management to counter misperceptions and misinformation.

We have unparalleled expertise and experience in dealing with defamation and crisis communication management—for law enforcement—by law enforcement. We help officers, agencies, unions, and fraternal organizations fight back against “cancel culture,” censorship, and so-called “demands” of social justice.

Education & Training

Leadership matters. We provide expert training in courageous leadership, privacy  protection, and news & social media communication for law enforcement professionals and agencies.

We demonstrate how to stand up to “cancel culture” and cowardly leadership with effective tools and tactics.


Published on July 4, 2019, the authors predicted the chaos and lies that have since taken over the law enforcement profession.

D. Wolfe: “This book lays the groundwork that officers must follow in order to take back the reputation of our profession from those who lie, misrepresent and seek to eliminate the police and those who lack the courage to stand against them.”

T. Martin: “…required reading for EVERYONE that is climbing the ladder into police management/supervision.”

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