Join the Mission: Help DEFEND the Racine (WI) Police Department.

As in other small cities, woke-minded politicians in Racine (Wisconsin) are pushing “police reforms” that make no sense.

Sure, their ideas may sound wonderful on paper. But in reality, they’re dangerous for law enforcement and actually compromise public safety.

Unbelievably, the mayor and other Racine community “leaders” want to avoid hiring veterans. And they want police officers to engage in all kinds of counterfactual nonsense all for the sake of so-called “police reform.”

And unfortunately, city leaders in Racine are eager to take “next steps”—so we’re working hard to stop the nonsense before its too late.

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Defend the Heroes is a non-profit organization and public charity recognized by the U.S. IRS.

What we’re doing…

Defend The Heroes volunteers are helping the Racine Police Department by:

  • conducting original research to counter dangerous policies
  • filing open records requests to prevent misuse of public funds for so-called “research”
  • publishing news articles and other media to gain wider attention and support
  • compiling evidence and fact-based data to support legitimate reforms—as necessary
  • and gathering other resources to help the Racine PD defend against pandering politicians and cowardly leaders
Please reach out to us if you’d like to volunteer and help defend the Racine Police Department, or help Defend The Heroes mission overall.

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