We stand for law & order.
We speak for liberty and civility.
And we’re helping to fight against attacks on law enforcement.

We help law enforcement professionals and agencies defend themselves against defamation—and the increasing demands of so-called social “justice.” We conduct research and publish the facts others want to censor and conceal. And we provide strategic media and crisis communication services along with training to help law enforcement professionals better protect themselves and the communities they serve.


The story of Officer Joseph Mensah is extraordinary and almost unbelievable.

Learn more about the incredible circumstances surrounding Officer Mensah and the Wauwatosa (Wisconsin) Police Department. 

Read our lastest article about Officer Mensah and the unbelievable hypocrisy that has surrounded him.

What We're DOING...


Facts matter. That’s why we publish research about crime, law enforcement, and “social justice” that others want to “cancel” and censor.

We conduct thorough, scholarly research and analysis to reveal facts and truth about crime and law enforcement—to help prevent misinformation and chaos.

Promoting media literacy and understanding of law enforcement policies and practices is a core part of our mission.


(Counter) communication

Truth matters. And it takes more than just a press release and typical crisis management to counter misperceptions and misinformation.

We have unparalleled expertise and experience in dealing with defamation and crisis communication management—for law enforcement—by law enforcement. We help officers, agencies, unions, and fraternal organizations fight back against “cancel culture,” censorship, and so-called “demands” of social justice. Watch one of our latest videos.


The journal of crime & society

Perspective matters. And especially so as some are demanding diversity, yet hardly respect a diversity of opinions.

That’s why we’ve established The Journal of Crime and Society, with the inaugural issue scheduled for January, 2021.

The editorial and scholarly mission of the journal is to encourage a diversity of research, perspective, and opinion regarding crime and society—and the dynamics of law enforcement in between.

We need public safety. We need law enforcement. And we need an uncensored journal with the utmost academic standards to help inspire diverse and civil discourse.


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